There are several CHHRA membership categories as described below. The membership year is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

  1. Practitioner Membership: Practitioner membership in the Association shall be granted to healthcare practitioners who have a responsibility as a manager, or other professional responsibility, for a human resources function, or others as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, in a healthcare institution or an organization whose primary focus is the delivery of patient care or the support of that activity located in Connecticut or the contiguous states.  In additional to the individual practitioner membership, there is a corporate membership that caps the dues payment at 6 or more individual members from the same organization.
  2. Consultant/Business Partner Membership: Consultant/Business Partner membership in the Association shall be granted to professionals who are providing consulting services to human resources and healthcare practitioners. Consultant/Business Partner members are entitled to attend workshops and seminars held by the Association and general membership meetings. Consultant/Business Partner members may not hold elected office or vote on matters in accordance with the bylaws of the Association.  Consultant/Business Partners are recognized by the organization as persons who provide contributions to the Association by bringing a source of expertise, serving as a resource for speakers and programs, and providing valuable industry contacts.  Consultants/Business Partners are to use the meetings solely for professional development, information sharing, and building professional relationships. Actions that are or could be perceived as a conflict of interest or for individual/business gain such as sales or marketing purposes should be avoided. Membership lists are not to be used for solicitation under any circumstances. Failure to abide by these principles may subject a member to membership revocation.
  3. Honorary Membership: Honorary membership may be bestowed by the Board upon an individual who, although not eligible for any other membership classification, has made significant contributions to the goals of the Association.
  4. Life Membership: Life membership may be bestowed by the Board upon a former active member, in good standing, who has provided outstanding service and made significant contributions to the Association, and who becomes otherwise ineligible for membership due to retirement or disability.

Members are also welcome to join any of the following committees:

  1. Professional Development Committee
    a. Schedules various educational meetings and programs throughout the course of the year.
    b. Plans and develops the subject and content of educational programs, and selects appropriate presenters of same.
    c. Provides for the continuing education of members of the Association.
  2. Membership Committee
    a. Responsible for identifying sources of membership and promoting membership in CHHRA.
  3. Compensation and Benefits Committee
    a. Acts in an advisory capacity on compensation and benefit trends and issues of educational interest and professional development which are of benefit to the membership. Liaison with CHA to conduct annual compensation survey in compliance with Department of Justice guidelines and to identify other possible survey needs.
    b. Coordinates educational programs for members in areas of both compensation and benefits.
  4. Legislative/Labor Relations Committee
    a. Coordinates and provides information to the membership related to:

    • The status of unionization and labor relations activities;
    • Litigation trends in areas that directly impact the human resources functions; and
    • Emerging issues, in the areas of employee relations, civil rights, and employee recruitment/selection that may affect the human resources practitioner.
  5. The Long-Range Planning Committee
    a. Formulates long-range plans for the Association, assists in special projects assigned to it, and serves in an advisory role to the Board of Directors.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about membership and delighted to have you join us.

Suzan Barnett